Here are a couple of five-star testimonials from people whose loved ones have been treated at Orthopedic Performance Institute.

Dr. Craig Glauser

Dr. Craig Glauser

My wife first saw Dr. Glauser to have her right great toe repaired after surgery five years ago. He is wonderful. Very down-to-earth and easy to talk with.

Her recovery has been amazing. She rarely had pain after the surgery and has almost completely regained motion of her toe again. I was so impressed with him and my wife’s recovery that when my mom’s same great toe had become so infected after a podiatrist had cut a callous off, I called on him again to come see her in the E.R.

Dr. Christopher I. Phelps

Dr. Christopher I. Phelps

Dr. Glauser came in at 7:00 p.m. after all his surgeries and looked at my mom. He told her that her toe was really bad and needed to have the amputation before the infection spread to her replaced knee and shoulder joints. I told my mom I trusted his judgment, and the next day she had surgery. She had more complications with infection by not following post-op care and Dr. Glauser had to excise the wound and start her on a PIC line with at-home wound care.

However, her foot has turned out great even for having to lose her great toe and she is recovering well. I was so happy with the Orthopedic Performance Institute that I am having my knee replaced by Dr Phelps.

Staff are friendly and office runs right on time, unless there is a huge storm, when no one is on time. 😉

—Matthew H.

Really liked José. He was fantastic and worked with my husband to problem solve for mobility while his ankle and knee healed.

—Melissa M.

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